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Support Group

Do you need help navigating through todays challenging times ?

Do you need support ?

Do you need help move through the negativity? 

I have created this Support Group to help out during todays difficult times. A lot of us feel isolated, trapped and unable to move forward in life at the moment. The aim of this group is to bring like minded people together, share our feelings, challenges and find a way forward, peace and acceptance whilst injecting some positivity and creating a feeling of care and connectedness.

Commencing in December 2021

Support Group

Group Discussion
  • Fortnightly meet up for 1 hour

  • Small group - maximum of 12 people

  • Meet like minded people and feel supported and connected

  • Discussion and sharing of challenges and problem solving

  • Any age, circumstances welcome 

  • Online via Zoom

  • Every second Tuesday at 8pm - 9pm (Melbourne time)

  • No ongoing commitment required. Join whenever you can

What Can The Group Help You With? 
  • Feeling supported and connected to others


  • Navigate through currently challenging events 

  • Inject some positivity into daily lives


  • Different perspective on how to move forward


  • Help break free from negative patterns


  • Improve relationships with others


  • Help make better decisions

  • Help with stress management

  • Self discovery and finding what matters to you



I wanted to ensure that help is available and the group is accessible to as many as possible so have decided to offer this group for FREE.

Eve Bukina Profile photo

Meet the Facilitator 

My name is Eve and I am Spiritual Counsellor, Coach and Healer.

My passion lies in helping people overcome issues and challenges they are facing, break free from the negative patterns and situations and find a path to clarity, fulfilment, self-acceptance.

I believe that investment in ourselves and our emotional and mental wellbeing is paramount for long term happiness, but it can be very hard to travel this journey alone. I love helping my clients to set out and succeed on the journey of finding themselves, working through blockages and self-limiting beliefs and creating a life they truly want.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients happy and flourishing!

7 Habits To Adopt For A Happier Life ! 

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