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Mediumship Readings

Mediumship reading gives a valuable insight into who you are, your life and what is blocking you from moving forward.


Mediumship is an art that has been learned and performed for thousands of years by a select few. Whilst it is a skill that is brought forward from previous lives, it cannot be performed at its optimum without proper instruction and training.

Mediums believe that whilst on earth the energy inside a person which is called their spirit can communicate with spirits existing in the spirit world. They receive this information from their guide and pass it on to people. Trained mediums do this energetically and do not use any tools.

Mediumship Readings

During a reading, the medium does not use any “tools” as they are trained Mediums. A Medium means a person who is trained to receive information from their guide and pass it on to the client, hence they are the mid-point between their guide and the client.


Readings are a shared and memorable experience between the Medium and the client and may be conducted in person or via Zoom/phone for those further away.

Why have a reading?

A reading gives a valuable insight into who you are, why you behave the way you do, what is blocking you from moving forward and how to remove these blockages. It will help you understand the challenges you face and gain more clarity on how you can grow in life and find happiness.

It can give an insight into relationship and family issues, career and general focus in life.

You may receive messages from former loved ones.

Questions are welcome at readings. 

All readings are delivered to the highest standard of integrity, accuracy, confidentiality and care.

Mediumship Readings are $110 for 60 minutes. Sessions can be done in person, online via Zoom or telephone.


For phone bookings or email inquiries go to our CONTACT page or make a booking online below.


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