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Spiritual Surgery

Feel better, sooner.

Spiritual Surgery is suitable for a range of physical issues

In Ancient Egypt under the protective umbrella of the Sphinx, in the School of Learning under the Great Pyramid of Giza, many years of work were devoted to healing and remedying the human body through the use of directed energy. The energy used was amplified through the power of the Pyramid. 

The work done in Ancient Egypt was advanced and covers most human conditions. This form of work was lost to the world and is now available again on earth.

The knowledge and methodology used are both intricate and precise and without physical human intervention or touch, the person performing this work is able to operate within the body to fix and cure a large variety of physical issues.


The form of energy used is precise and the method of performing these operations is precise.  Each surgery is specific to each body operated on. In other words there is no ‘one size fits all’, for it takes into account the requirements of a specific body including its condition and age. There are no side effects.

Spiritual Surgery can assist in healing but not restricted to:


  • Back, neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle issues

  • Hands and feet issues

  • Torn muscles, ligaments, tendons

  • Trapped nerves, sciatica pain

  • Arthritis, joint degeneration

  • Fractures

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Jaw and TMJ issues

  • Period pain and pelvic floor issues

  • Fibroids, polyps, haemorrhoids

  • Digestive system issues

  • Varicose veins

  • Scars and scar tissue

  • Eye issues and degeneration

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It will appear miraculous and revolutionary. In the hands of an appropriately trained and evolved person, it is neither. 

Energy and its use are largely misunderstood on earth. Not so by those qualified in this work.


Located in Albert Park, Melbourne by appointment

Surgery may require more than one appointment (as determined at the initial consultation).

Each surgery requires a post-surgery follow up appointment.

Procedures start from $220 per appointment.

Post surgery follow up appointments are $110.

For phone bookings or email inquiries go to our CONTACT page or make a booking online below.

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