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Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling can help you break free, move forward with clarity and a greater sense of self acceptance.

Counselling is defined as a method of interceding in a person's thought processes, as a way to help them increase their ability to deal with difficulties and emotional issues in their lives. Spiritual Counselling intervenes in a person's thought process, giving an understanding of the origin of their actions and reactions. It offers another belief system to dealing with life's issues.


Spiritual Counselling is designed to help in a very different way. It will set out to trace the behavioural patterns of their origin in life, to give them context, and to offer you an option to break free of these patterns.

It will also help align & create greater awareness to your values. In turn, this provides with more confidence, self-assurance and a way out of your problems.

Spiritual Counselling is direct, honest, healing, non-judgemental and uplifting. It is aimed at establishing positive change and is designed to act quickly so that you can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living with more clarity, courage and a positive focus on the future.

This method of Spiritual Counselling is non-religious, and is suitable to all ages and circumstances: children, adolescents, young people, adults, couples, families. 

Some of the issues Spiritual Counselling can help with (the list is not exhaustive): stress, anxiety, anger, fatigue, depression, relationships/family issues, loss & grief, lack of self-confidence, lack of clarity/direction in life, apathy, indifference, childhood trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault and substances issues. 

As a part of the journey through Spiritual Counselling and 'self' discovery, you will achieve a greater sense of self-acceptance and meaning to life. 


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