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Understanding a Spiritual Life and How to Live It - 1 Day Workshop

This one a kind workshop provides an opportunity to learn about Spirituality and how you can live a Spiritual Life.

Not only this is a unique opportunity to gain access to accurate spiritual knowledge received directly from Spirit through the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, an organisation dedicated to the teaching of spiritual knowledge, but also an opportunity to grow and create a happier and more fulfilling life. It will challenge your mind and provide you with insights to help you understand your life better.

This workshop is suitable to anyone interested in Spirituality and wanting to learn and grow.

Topics we will cover are:



  • Life on Earth and why we are here

  • Spirituality and what it means

  • Karma and what it means

  • Freewill and what does it really mean ?

  • Evolution and what it means

  • Intuition and what it means

  • Kindred spirits

  • The Spiritual World described

  • The Cycle of Life and what happens when you pass over

Any questions welcome.


In addition to the knowledge on the day, you will experience a deep guided meditation and leave with an information booklet and three recorded guided meditations. 

Date: To be confirmed, 10am - 5pm

Location: 61 Barrett Street, Albert Park, Melbourne

Cost: $220

Bookings are essential as places are limited.

For phone bookings or email inquiries go to our CONTACT page or register your interest below.

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