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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation can help you break free from the past, move forward with clarity and a greater sense of acceptance and hope.

Dreams are an important and integral part of every person’s life.  Few people understand their dreams, nor their significance to their life, either at the time of the dream or into the future.

Dreams are given to people to help them on their journey through life, to help them understand where they are at and what they are facing or about to face.

Dreams Interpreters have undergone specialized training in understanding what dreams are, where they come from, why they come to a person and in working with the client, they are able to advise the client on the nature of the dream and the message it contains for them.

The process with the Dreams Interpreter takes about 60 - 90 minutes (less on subsequent visits for new dreams) and is a gentle and enlightening experience.

It is the job of the Dreams Interpreter to give the client a clear understanding of the purpose and meaning of the dream.  It is the job of the client to decide whether or not they are going to take heed of this meaning and act upon it.


There is no limit on what type of dream that can be interpreted. They include but not limited to: everyday dreams, recurring dreams, and nightmares.

What if I don’t recall my dreams?

We all dream but don’t recall all of our dreams so if you struggle to recall your dreams try the following.

Upon waking up don’t switch your mind on (i.e. start thinking of the to do list for the day and/or other things that may be preoccupying your mind). Instead keep your eyes closed and focus on any feeling or image you got in your dreams. Sit with it to see what else comes back to you and when you feel you have recalled as much as you could write down the details of the dream including how you felt at different stages of the dream. This process may take time but with practice and perseverance you will be surprised how many dreams you will start recalling.


The best timing to interpret a dream is as soon as practically possible after having had the dream to ensure you get the most out of it and are able to apply it to your current circumstances and use it to help you get through your next phase of life.

Dream Interpretation and analysis sessions are $110 for 60 minutes. Only one session is required to interpret a dream. Sessions can be done in person or online via Zoom.


For phone bookings or email inquiries go to our CONTACT page or make a booking online below.


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