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A little bit about me

Portrait of Eve

I have worked for a large part of my life in a corporate finance environment but my interest in personal development and lack of fulfilment in my successful corporate career has lead to discovery of Spiritual Counselling, which has changed my life. Not only was I able to work through my blockages and self-limiting beliefs, but I also discovered who I really am and found my purpose and passion. 


My work with various clients at a counselling level and my ongoing studies of the workings of the human mind and body and how they affect each other have lead me to Homeopathy studies. Homeopathy has brought the missing piece to my life. Not only now I could help clients understand their patterns in life and help action change but I could also help them feel better physically and get more enjoyment from life. This is truly rewarding!

My passion lies in helping people overcome issues and challenges they are facing be it physical, mental or emotional. This in turn creates more fulfilled lives, better relationships and inner peace which are invaluable ingredients to successful lives in my opinion.


I am a chartered certified accountant, have a BA in Business Studies, Diploma in Classical Homeopathy, Diploma in Spiritual Counselling, Diploma in Neuropsychology, Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Diploma in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

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