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Find Courage,  Freedom & Clarity

Here to help you find a way forward...

Create a life you want with the help of Spiritual Counselling, Mediumship & Healing

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Meet Eve

I am a Spiritual Counsellor, Coach and Healer.  I am passionate about helping people overcome issues and challenges they are facing, break free from the negative patterns and situations and find a path to clarity, fulfilment, self-acceptance, inner peace and harmony within and in their relationships with the help of Spiritual Counselling, Coaching, Mediumship and healing modalities. 


If you are unsure whether my services are the right fit for you, then please do not hesitate to book in a chat with me and we can discuss it in more detail.

How Can I Help You?


Spiritual Counselling can help you break free from the past, move forward with clarity and a greater sense of self-acceptance. This will provide with more confidence, self-assurance and a way out of your problems. Spiritual Counselling is non-religious, direct, honest, healing, non-judgemental and uplifting. It is designed to act quickly so that you can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living and a positive focus on the future.

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Mediumship reading gives a valuable insight into understanding who you are, your life and what is blocking you from moving forward. It will help you understand the challenges you face and gain more clarity on how you can grow in life and find happiness.


A unique Parenting Coaching that will help you navigate through the challenges of parenting at any stage and will make parenting more successful and enjoyable. It will go beyond just dealing with an issue and will offer you insight into the cause and how to remedy it from the child's perspective.

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Dream Interpretation

Dreams are an important and integral part of every person’s life. They are given to people to help them on their journey through life, to help them understand where they are at and what they are facing or about to face. Dream Interpretation takes about 60 - 90 minutes (less on subsequent visits for new dreams) and is a gentle and enlightening experience, which gives a clear understanding of the purpose and meaning of the dream.


Emotional and Physical healing assist you to achieve the harmony, clarity and freedom you are seeking and help clear a way forward in life from emotional & physical blockages. Spiritual Surgery  (physical) and Hahnemann (emotional) healing deal directly with the issues to help you feel better, sooner.

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Weekly Guided Meditation Classes offer an opportunity to learn more about yourself, grow and connect. Each class runs for 60 minutes and contains three 20 minute meditations on a particular topic. Run by qualified Medium.

If you are...


Feeling stuck, going around in circles and unable to break free from repeating patterns.

Feeling like something is holding you back but unsure where to start.

Looking for meaning and purpose in life and clarity how to move forward.

Struggling to find happiness and fulfillment, who you are and what matters to you.

Struggling to make the right decisions and sabotaging opportunities.

Having issues in relationships, unable to move to the next level or find love.

Feeling anxious, fearful and lacking self confidence.

Going through loss and grief and life changing events.

Struggling with parenting, wishing to make it more enjoyable and successful or simply preparing for parenting.

Feeling physically unwell.


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See If It's Right For You...

Book a15 minute FREE chat with Eve

there's no commitment, pressure or obligation

My passion and focus it to help people and I believe that everyone should be able to access services, such as mine, without paying a fortune and no matter where in the world they are. I love to know that my counselling, coaching and healing can be accessed by many more because of my affordable pricing and flexible location either in person at my clinic or online via Zoom/Skype

Affordable Pricing & Ease of Access

What my clients  are saying...

"I had an amazing reading with Eve, she is truly gifted. She definitely gave me an insight on how to move forward to a happy life. My reading with Eve was via Zoom from Ireland to Australia, but it felt like she was in the room. I would highly recommend her. "


Carmel McConnell

"Eve’s Hanhemann Healing was divine. It’s clear she knows what she is doing as I felt safe and relaxed. She has a reassuring touch and I could feel the power in the energy during the healing. For those seeking emotional healing and support, Eve is your answer!"


Nicola Poole 

"Eve is warm, understanding and professional and is able to get straight to the root of any issues or concerns. I knew almost nothing about Hahnemann healing before I met Eve, but she guided me skilfully through the treatment. I find the sessions relaxing and meditative.  Within days of my first treatment I started to feel better.  I’ve gained clarity and confidence and am moving forward into a new and more fulfilling way of living my life. I can’t recommend Eve highly enough."


Christine Roden 

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