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Clinical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an incredible natural alternative medicine to help you feel better physically and emotionally.

What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy (Homoeopathy) is a scientific system of medicine developed by German doctor and chemist, Dr. Samuel Kristian Hahnemann well over 200 years. Today Homeopathic medicine is the world’s most popular complimentary medicine as declared by WHO (World Health Organisation). 200 million people in over 100 countries use Homeopathic medicine daily as their primary healthcare prescription.


The main principle of Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars, which means diseases are treated by remedies that can produce similar symptoms in a healthy person. This principle is often referred to like cures like. 

What are Homeopathic Remedies ?

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured from plants, minerals and other natural materials by extracting the raw material into liquid form and 'succussing' it in a special registered laboratory. Through this specific scientific process remedies become active, non-addictive, non-toxic and without side effects yet their powerful healing properties are greatly enhanced.


Medicines are selected based on their specific affinity for the ailments and the symptoms the person is experiencing. Homeopathy treats each individual are unique and therefore after a detailed case history, a homeopathic medicine is prescribed according to an individual’s unique set of symptoms, which may be physical, emotional or mental. 

How can Homeopathy help ?

Homeopathy can be used for a large variety of acute and chronic health conditions either as a stand-alone therapy or as a support for people undergoing conventional or other forms of treatment. 

Some examples of acute conditions include (the list is not exhaustive): colds, coughs, earaches, injuries and traumas, post operative support, allergies, bites, digestive upsets and many more. 

Examples of chronic conditions include (the list is not exhaustive): skin issues, digestive issues, urinary tract issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, headaches, depression, anxiety, loss and grief, behavioural issues and many more.


Homeopathy is suitable for adults, kids and babies of all ages.

Homeopathy consults are currently free of charge but you will be required to pay for the remedies prescribed. Remedy cost $15 plus postage $12 (if applicable). Sessions can be done in person, online via Zoom or telephone. 


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