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Updated: Jun 10

Why Spiritual Counselling?

These days there is a multitude of different therapies with their own techniques and theories ranging from psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapies through to holistic counselling and spiritual name but a few!

So what is Spiritual Counselling and why choose it ?

What is Spiritual Counselling?

Spiritual Counselling is a method of interceding in a person's thought processes as a way to help them increase their ability to deal with difficulties and emotional issues in their lives. It is non-religious and is suitable for all ages. Even though it is non-sectarian, clients that believe in the existence of a higher power beyond human life will benefit the most from this method of counselling.

Unlike conventional forms of counselling where counsellors are discouraged from giving answers to clients relating to their problems, Spiritual Counselling focusses on helping clients understand why they behave a certain way, the origins of their actions/behaviour and offers a way to break free from that behaviour. It provides a client with context.

It helps clients work though their values, align them and evaluate how their behaviour fits with those values. This enables quicker recovery of the client, provides a better understanding of who they are, and a greater sense of self-acceptance and meaning to life is achieved.

What can Spiritual Counselling help with?

Some of the issues spiritual counselling can help with are (the list is not exhaustive):

· Stress

· Anxiety

· Anger and frustration

· Fatigue

· Depression

· Relationships issues

· Loss and grief

· Lack of self-confidence

· Lack of clarity in life and direction

· Feeling stuck and unmotivated

· Search for purpose and fulfilment

· Apathy/indifference

· Childhood trauma, sexual assault

· Substances issues

What to expect from Spiritual Counselling?

Real change in a person’s life requires real effort and work so if this method of counselling is chosen clients must be prepared to make an effort to work through their issues.

And to summarise...

Spiritual Counselling is direct, non-judgemental, honest, healing and uplifting. It is aimed at establishing positive change quickly, providing more clarity, and a positive focus on the future.

To find out more or to book an appointment contact us here.

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