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Parenting Resources

Helping you prepare for being a parent or navigate through the challenges of parenting at any stage

The unique Parenting Coaching we offer will help you navigate through the challenges of parenting at any stage and will make parenting more successful and enjoyable. It will go beyond just dealing with an issue and will offer you insight into the cause and how to remedy it from the child's perspective.


Generally speaking, people wanting a child become excited at the prospect of having a child and in that euphoria do not spend much time thinking about parenting, what it means and how to do it.  The model used is usually what your parents did for you with a few adaptions.


Parenting is not difficult to prepare for, but it takes time and assistance, for the pre pregnancy stage of parenting are as important as any to the long term growth of the child as well as the understanding and happiness of the prospective parents.

Not many people could define parenting other than summarise their own experiences as a child.  In understanding what parenting actually is, allows for a much easier preparation to parent and execution of being a parent.  Parenting is defined (by Sphinx Spiritual) as ‘opting to be in the life of a child to reinforce the child’s development, to help it deal with the grind of daily living, to act as an adjunct to its own powers and to help steer it towards a journey of ‘higher purpose’, without unnecessarily meddling in it’s affairs’.

With help to fully understand this and how to apply it through the different stages of a child’s life (from inception onwards) will allow for a remarkable change to your parenting experience (not to mention the benefits to your child). 

Young mother and father holidng their baby

Who supports you as a parent ?

Parents need assistance outside of their family.  In studying Parenting, I used the Parenting Spiritually (non religious) model which takes a whole of life approach to parenting for the benefit of the child.  It is a fascinating insight into parenting, such that I have never experienced before.

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Unsure how to handle your children's behaviour ?

Regardless of which stage you are in the parenting cycle, there will be problems, to which I can offer clear insight that goes beyond just dealing with the issue, but looking behind it as to the cause and what can be done to remedy the cause from the child’s perspective.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you did your best to set your child up for a happy, fulfilling and successful life. 


Parenting Resources

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Parenting Book

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